How to get started…

The best way to find out if and how we can help you to get more clients and grow your business is a strategy session based on a website audit. During this very intense 45-60 minute session, we’ll take a very close look at your current situation, talk about your goals and map out an action plan. We’ll also find out whether we can help you to reach your goals and whether we are well-suited for working together.

Our SEO Services are not for every business

We would like to work with every business asking for our help and expertise. To pay each client the attention they deserve, however, and to ensure the greatest success possible every time we work on a project, we will always be able to work only for a few select businesses. Therefore, we need to select the businesses we are working with very carefully. To do so, we have a specific set of criteria potential clients need to meet for us to move forward.

Analysis of the current state

First, we take a very close look from the birds-eye-perspective on your business and analyze your status quo to understand exactly where your business is at right now.

Your goals

We’ll talk about your goals and give you our professional assessment.

Custom-tailored blueprint

After analyzing the current state of your business and after talking about your goals, we’ll create a custom-tailored blueprint for you, allowing you to reach your goals as quick as possible.

Businesses we work with…

Active & Healthy Businesses

Our services are designed for businesses already active in the market with the wish to grow much faster.

Business that are up and running

Your business is already active in the market, and it is generating sales. You are already actively advertising your business and selling your products or services. You don’t need to be a Fortune500 company; you just need to be present in your niche.

Solid Businesses

Your business is selling good and provides solid products or services and has a good reputation. The outcome of our partnership will not only result in an astonishing increase in sales, but we’ll also be generating extensive goodwill in your marketplace.

We do not work with any sort of “get rich quickly” type of things, adult related businesses, and startup companies.


How to move forward…

If your business matches our criteria mentioned above, and you wish to speak to us about it personally how you can achieve extraordinary results, we gladly reserve some time for you.

This is the procedure: first, you fill out the following questionnaire. We need this information to make a most accurate picture of your business.
With the help of this questionnaire, we get to know what you sell, what your goals are, etc. We will strictly analyze your questionnaire and prepare very well for the strategy discussion.

Based on the data in the questionnaire and the information from the talk with you, we will provide you with a package of measurements with the help of which you can increase your profit.

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